Tres Media Group is a one stop solution for interactive development including IOS, tablets, trade shows presentations, 3d medical simulations and educational portals. Tres Media Group experience includes using the latest tools and software techniques, proficient in Maya, Zbrush, 3D Max, Lightwave and After Effects. Producing 3d animations, digital product art, product simulations, game development and design, 3d model creation, medical website development, custom programming, mobile app development and 3d medical animation. Considered one of the top animation/production companies in the tri-state area (NYC). Creating mechanism of action animations, video game development, e-learning presentations, device/product simulations, website development and video game development. Mechanism of action videos and 3d animation can be used for trade show presentations, e-learning demonstrations, step by step instructional videos (MOA's), consumer education and more.
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